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High Impact Wrestling Canada (HIW Canada) is a Canadian professional wrestling promotion, founded in 1998 by Charley Pichette, although the company evolved from the remnants of the Hardcore Wrestling promotion that ran between 1996 and 1998. From 1998 to 2012, the promotion was under the ownership of Charley Pichette before being sold in December of 2012 to Mike Roberts, a 13 year Canadian pro-wrestling veteran. It is the oldest and longest running active professional wrestling promotion in Western Canada. The company also runs the High Impact Wrestling Academy, a pro-wrestling training school that trains students year round.

HIW Canada currently runs 3 - 4 wrestling shows each month throughout the Province of Saskatchewan. It has also held shows in the neighbouring Province of Alberta. Annual shows include “Spring Meltdown”, “Pile O’ Bones Rumble” , and "King’s Challenge" (the last show of the calendar year).


In 1998, following the demise of the Hardcore Wrestling circuit that ran from 1996 – 1998, wrestler Charley Pichette, opted to open up a pro-wrestling training school which would also run periodic live events. Pichette named the company “World High Impact Pro-Wrestling” or “WHIP Wrestling” for short. Training would take place in an old, run down building on Quebec Street in Regina, Sk. Original members of the promotion included Pichette (who was then known as Charley Hayes), Todd Myers, Scotty Simms, Crusher Carlson, and Rex Roberts, with all member taking part in the training of you hopefuls. The training school began to pick up steam and added a number of new trainees. After enough local performers had joined and been trained, Pichette rounded out the roster with out of Province talent and ran some of the first WHIP Wrestling events. The first handful of events turned out decent crowds and Pichette continued to expand the roster with new trainees and ran a few live events a year.

At the end of 2003, Pichette decided that the company had grown enough in terms of roster members and fan base that the time had come to begin running regular monthly events in Regina. Monthly events took place at the Saskatchewan Veterans Hall on 12th Avenue in Regina. Pichette would run a matinee afternoon card that was geared towards family and a younger audience, and an evening card which was intended to cater to an older and livelier audience. The low ceiling in the building often hindered performers from being able to utilize top rope maneuvers as part of their arsenal, but the shows were still high energy and the company began to fill the building  to capacity during its evening events. Two championship belts were wrestled for during this period, the Central Canadian Heavyweight Championship (which serves as the promotions top title), and the Great Plains Provincial Title.

In 2004, after several months at the Vets Hall, Pichette moved his monthly events to the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange on 8th avenue. The new venue was smaller in capacity but a higher ceiling allowed for higher risk moves by the performers. It was at this time that Pichette decided to give the product a fresh look, and began running the company under the name “High Impact Wrestling Regina” or “HIW Regina”. Pichette continued to run matinee and evening cards, although the matinee cards often drew few spectators and eventually Pichette decided to do away with the matinee. The “up close and personal” atmosphere at the Exchange became synonymous with the live HIW Regina events, and gave fans a very interactive experience. The Canadian Tag Team titles was added to the list of championships and were originally won by Thryllin’ Dylan and Screaming Eagle in a tag team tournament. Soon, the company was filling the building on a regular basis and the time was coming to find a larger home for the monthly shows.

Pichette settled on a new venue and in 2005 HIW Regina began running monthly events from the Regina German Society Harmonie Club on St. John Street. The new venue was much larger than the previous and looked empty for many events even though the crowd numbers were very similar to those when the company ran at the Exchange. By 2006, the shows were drawing more and more spectators. In March of that year, an event featuring WWE Legend, the Honky Tonk Man drew nearly 400 fans, an indoor record for the company at the time. A short lived decision to expand into Saskatoon, Saskatchewan prompted Pichette to briefly run the company as both “HIW Regina” and “HIW Saskatoon” dependent on which city the events were held, but after a disappointing audience in Saskatoon, the idea was put on the shelf. The decision was made to rename the company “High Impact Wrestling Canada” or “HIW Canada” to give the promotion a more “National” feel. Merchandise was produced including t-shirts, tank tops, toques, and even select women’s underwear which featured the HIW Canada logo.

The company continued to draw large crowds to the German Club through 2007 and 2008, but the relationship between the club and HIW Canada began to sour. In 2009, despite the fact that the company had sold out 9 straight events at the venue, club management decided to end its business relationship with Pichette and his promotion. During the final event at the German Club in June 2009, veteran performer Big Daddy Kash grabbed the microphone before his match and delivered an infamously scathing rant directed towards the club president who was standing at ringside. Following the end of the relationship with the German Club, Pichette took two months off from running shows to find the company a new venue.

In September of 2009, High Impact Wrestling Canada made its debut at the Victoria Club on Victoria Avenue. The Victoria Club was a much smaller venue, and in order to house the larger audiences that filled the German Club, Pichette decided to run a Friday evening card as well as a Saturday evening card in succession. The two cards would feature different matches but would still allow fans who weren’t able to see the first show an opportunity to catch an HIW card the same weekend. Fans filled the building for both cards in the first series of weekend events but in the following months this would change. The Friday night events continued to draw good size audiences but smaller crowds would come out for the Saturday night card. Eventually, the Saturday events were scrapped, and HIW Canada would run Friday nights exclusively.

Sale of HIW CanadaEdit

Following the end of the television program, Pichette continued to run moderately successful shows from the Victoria Club through 2011, also touring the northern part of the Province a handful of times throughout the year. In 2012, Pichette expanded the company to tour to the cities of Saskatoon, and Yorkton once a month. He also began touring northern centers more extensively and ran in excess of 35 live events during the course of the year. In December of 2012, after nearly 20 years of involvement in professional wrestling, Pichette decided to sell High Impact Wrestling Canada  and take a leave from the sport. The company was sold to 13 year veteran and High Impact Wrestling star, Mike Roberts, who performs under the name “King Kash”. Since taking over the company, Roberts has continued the company’s expansion to include several new Saskatchewan centers. HIW Canada continues to run regular live events from the Victoria Club, but has since added the much larger Hungarian Club to its schedule to house all of its events.

HIW WildsideEdit

During the summer of 2013 HIW announced that there would be a second promotion added, HIW Wildside. The difference between Canada and Wildside is that Wildside's roster would be primarily composed of rookies and up and coming talent. After compiling a roster of both rookie and veteran talent the Wildside held it's first show September 27th and has been running monthly ever since.

Television ProgramEdit

In 2010, Access 7, a local cable access channel, began to tape live events to air as a weekly television wrestling show on its channel. The live events were split into two halves and both halves would be taped as separate shows. The High Impact Wrestling television program lasted until the summer of 2011 when it was removed from regular programming. In 2013, HIW Canada announced that it would begin taping for television with Access 7 once again, and the first episode aired March 4, 2014. It airs weekly every Tuesday at 8pm and replays Sunday at 1pm.

Title History

Central Canadian Heavyweight Championship
Winner Date Locations
Charley Hayes Sept. 2, 2001 Taylor Field (Regina, Sk)
Titan Tower Feb. 26, 2002 Pump Country Roadhouse (Regina, Sk)
Charley Hayes Apr. 23, 2002 Pump Country Roadhouse (Regina, Sk)
Rex Roberts July 27, 2003 Pile O' Bones Wascana Park (Regina, Sk)
Thryllin' Dylan Jan. 17, 2004 Veterans Hall (Regina, Sk)
Big Daddy Kash Sept. 24, 2004 Cultural Exchange (Regina, Sk)
Principal Pound Mar. 25, 2005 Cultural Exchange (Regina, Sk)
The Chief June 8, 2005 Cultural Exchange (Regina, Sk)
Principal Pound Aug. 19, 2005 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Big Daddy Kash Oct. 21, 2005 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Rex Roberts Jan 20, 2006 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Todd Myers July 14, 2006 German Club (Regina, Sk)
VACATED Nov. 3, 2006 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Principal Pound Feb. 23, 2007 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Rex Roberts Mar. 30, 2007 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Principal Pound Apr. 27, 2007 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Dixie Dragon Mar. 28, 2008 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Wavell Starr Dec. 19, 2008 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Jeff Tyler Jan. 29, 2010 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Bucky McGraw Aug. 27, 2010 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Big Daddy Kash Oct. 1, 2010 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Jumpin' Joe Feb. 22, 2012 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Robbie Gamble Oct. 26, 2012 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Rex Roberts Dec. 5, 2013 Hungarian Club (Regina, Sk)

Wildside Provincial Championship (Formerly the Great Plains Provincial Championship)
Winner Date Location
Sgt. Sammy Sadistic Apr. 24, 2004 Veterans Hall (Regina, Sk)
Curtis Knievel Dec. 10, 2004 Cultural Exchange (Regina, Sk)
Bucky McGraw Feb. 18, 2005 Cultural Exchange (Regina, Sk)
Plum Loco July 29, 2005 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Mentallo Oct. 21, 2005 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Jeff Tyler Feb. 24, 2006 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Billy Bones Aug. 11, 2006 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Thryllin' Dylan Dec. 8, 2006 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Billy Bones May 25, 2007 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Big Daddy Kash June 29, 2007 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Jumpin' Joe June 29, 2007 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Cannonball Kelly Feb. 1, 2008 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Principal Pound May. 30, 2008 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Jumpin' Joe Sept. 19, 2008 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Rockstar Side B Mar. 25, 2011 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Matt Levy June 3, 2011 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Robbie Gamble Dec. 9, 2011 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
El Asesino July 18, 2012 German Club (Saskatoon, Sk)
Billy Bones April 26, 2013 Hungarian Club (Regina, Sk)
VACATED July 19, 2013 Hungarian Club (Regina, Sk)
Michael Allen Richard Clark* September 20, 2013 Hungarian Club (Regina, Sk)
CAM!!ikaze March 14, 2014 Hungarian Club (Regina, Sk)

* - Became the Wildside Provincial Title on November 22, 2013 after a four-way match was made for the inaugural Wildside champion. Subsequently the Great Plains Provincial Championship was absorbed.

Central Canadian Tag Team Championship
Winner Date Location
Thryllin' Dylan & Screaming Eagle June 8, 2005 Cultural Exchange (Regina, Sk)
Dogs of War (Sgt. Sadistic & Cannonball Kelly) Oct. 21, 2005 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Principal Pound & Todd Myers Jan. 20, 2006 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Princpal Pound & Big Daddy Kash June 9, 2006 German Club (Regina, Sk)
High Maintenance (Wavell Starr & Plum Loco) Sept. 15, 2006 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Jeff Tyler & Bucky McGraw Apr. 27, 2007 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Dixie Dragon & Billy Bones July 27, 2007 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Jumpin Joe & Cannonball Kelly Oct. 4, 2007 Elks Lodge (Moose Jaw, Sk)
Dixie Dragon & Billy Bones Oct. 5, 2007 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Jeff Tyler & Bucky McGraw Jan. 4, 2008 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Titan Tower & Matt The Ringboy May 30, 2008 German Club (Regina, Sk)
VACATED Oct. 24, 2008 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Bucky McGraw & Mark Posey May 15, 2009 German Club (Regina, Sk)
Damage Inc. (Dice Steele & Crash Crimson) Jan. 30, 2010 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Bad Influence (Rex Roberts & Cannonball Kelly) Aug. 27, 2010 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Billy Bones & Bull Bodnar Oct. 29, 2010 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Jeff Tyler & Jumpin' Joe Sept. 16, 2011 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
The Best Tag Team In The Prairies (Dixie Dragon & Brett Evans) Nov. 18, 2011 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
VACATED May 12, 2012 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
Jumpin' Joe & Robbie Gamble Aug. 24, 2012 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
The Bromantics (Cannonball Kelly & Mike McSugar) Nov. 26, 2012 Victoria Club (Regina, Sk)
The Best Tag Team In The Prairies (Dixie Dragon & Brett Evans) April 26, 2013 Hungarian Club (Regina, Sk)
The Rambunctious Boys (Thryllin' Dylan and Dice Steele) September 20, 2013 Hungarian Club (Regina, Sk)

Pile O' Bones Rumble Winners
Rumble Winner Year
I Todd Myers 1996
II Scotty Simms 1997
III Charley Hayes 1998
IV Charley Hayes 1999
V Mentallo 2000
VI Crusher Carlson 2001
VII Titan Tower 2002
VIII Plum Loco 2003
IX Curtis Knievel 2004
X Antonio Scorpio Jr. 2005
XI The Chief 2006
XII Bucky McGraw 2007
XIII Big Daddy Kash 2008
XIV Principal Pound 2009
XV Todd Myers 2010
XVI Robbie Gamble 2011
XVII Rex Roberts 2012
XVIII Rex Roberts 2013

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